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Clipoff is a free and lightweight tool to share your screenshots.

Clipoff is designed to help you easily capture your screen and save the screenshots in any major formats. Furthermore, you can easily share your screenshot to you social networks. Currently we support Facebook, Twitter, 新浪微博, and 人人网.

This document demonstrates the use of Clipoff.

The Program

The program runs on Windows 7, Windows 8 and XP provided that you got .NET Framework 3.5 installed.

If you run Clipoff.exe, you will find an icon in your system tray.  With the icon you can start creating screenshots and change the configuration of the program.

Program Settings

In the setting page, you can:

  • select the SNS you would like to use
  • select the hot key to start creating screenshots
  • set the program to autostart when you start the computer

Creating Screenshots

There are three ways to start creating screenshots:

  • Double the system tray icon
  • Click the menu item "Clip"
  • Press the hot key if you enabled

Sharing Screenshots

After you select the screen capturing region, the following toolbar will show up:

You can press enter or click the first check mark to save the image, and click the icons to share to the corresponding social networks. Please be noted that only the SNS items you selected will show up on the toolbar. Pressing ESC or clicking the x mark will cancel the screenshot.

The Source Code

Feel free to use the code as your wish.

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